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Our Community

St. Thomas More Play Group is committed to a shared respect among members of the school community for the well being and development of each child. Parents are an important part of our school family.  They are valued and respected as the primary caregivers for their children.


We are committed to creating a parent teacher partnership which enhances each child’s school-home experiences.


Our strong and vibrant Parent’s Association offers opportunities to be involved:


  • Speaker events and workshops

  • Family Day

  • Community outreach

  • Book Fair

  • Library Committee

  • Benefit/Auction Dinner


We encourage open communication and keep parents informed with class newsletters, our school publication –Patter, and with comprehensive conferences.


In addition, there are two parents who act as representatives for each class. There are also opportunities for parents to be involved in the classroom throughout the year.


I am so impressed by the warm, exploratory environment at STMPG. It is clear that the children are exposed to a wide range of material - from science and math to art and music - and that you have found a special way to bring these subjects to life for them and spark their curiosity. The caliber of your faculty and the dedication of the Parent's Association is a real testament to the school's close-knit community. 


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