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We are delighted with your interest in St. Thomas More Play Group.
Our impressive teachers strive to bring each child to their potential in preparation for their successful transition to kindergarten. The involvement of our STMPG parents is reflective of their devotion to our program. It is this support that helps to create our unique community. We welcome you to schedule a tour to see STMPG in action.

deirdre Grosscup

Director of Admissions


For enrollment, please complete our inquiry form and the STMPG Admissions Director will contact you directly to review our application process for this particular admissions year.

  • When will I be notified about an admission decision?
    Parents are notified of decisions in early March, following the ISAAGNY notification guidelines. Accepted families are asked to respond by mid-March. Acceptance is based upon available spaces after returning children and siblings of current attendees are considered. Further, there is the desire to balance ages, genders and personalities within each group.
  • What is the tuition at STMPG?
    Twos $18,900 Young Threes $24,500 Five Day Threes $31,000 Transitional Fours $32,000 Regular Fours $33,100
  • Do you meet my child?
    Child visits are not a formal part of our admissions process and are not necessary for admission. Having a child visit is usually dependent on the age of the child and can be discussed with the Director of Admissions, after the tours are completed in December.
  • Where do children go to school after STMPG?
    Children are prepared for a range of continuing school experiences. After three years at the Play Group, many go on to attend single sex or co-ed independent schools. Some families also apply to specialized public school programs. The administrative team actively supports the exmissions process.
  • What is the birthday cutoff for children to apply for September 2024?
    For our Two's class, the applicant's birthday range is January 1 - June 15, 2022. For our Young Three's class, the applicant's birthday range is June 16 - December 31, 2021. Traditionally, we accept applications for our older classes as well.
  • I've scheduled a parent visit. What is the format?
    Tours of the school are scheduled October through December. A typical tour will include 2-3 couples led by the Admissions Director, and a current STMPG parent. The 45 minute tours are scheduled for either 9:15 or 10:15. It is advisable that both parents attend and we ask that you kindly call the day prior to confirm. At the conclusion of your scheduled tour, you will be given an admissions brochure, which includes an application form and tuition information. If you decide to apply, please return the form and a $75 application fee, made payable to St. Thomas More Play Group.
  • What is the first step in applying to STMPG?
    For admissions please complete our inquiry form, and we will be in touch regarding the procedures for admission this year.


The curriculum was rich, engaging and relevant to the children and their needs. We could see that every aspect of the classrooms and the curriculum were well thought out and aimed to spark wonder and curiosity in the children. The learning was fun and weaved seamlessly through play, science, movement, art, woodwork and music at your school. We love that STMPG has a perfect balance of structure and flexibility. 


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